Thursday Things

  1. Working on a pecan and brown sugar lacey cookie. It’s almost there, just another batch or two and they’ll be perfect! Stay tuned!
  2. I am now the (very) proud owner of a butter ornament. Finally, our tree is complete! My friend Meredith (who I saw last month) bestowed it upon me because she just gets me. I’m a very lucky girl with very good friends.
  3. Seth got the family a Firestick for Christmas and holy moly has it changed our TV game! We had been using an ancient blu-ray player for way too long. There are so many fun features on this thing and every time Seth tells me another one he laughs at my, “Wha?! Really?!” response. Welcome to the future!
  4. On the topic of TV – I binged a show for the first time since our honeymoon (yeah, we binge watched a show on our romantic weekend away and it was perfection, don’t @ me). Dirty John! One of my favorite podcasts became a TV show. It was brilliant! Absolutely marvelous! Connie Britton is a treasure and Eric Bana was terrifying.
  5. Speaking of podcasts – which I do virtually all of the time that I’m not actually listening to them – I started listening to Scam Goddess and I’m hooked! It’s funny and current and true crime-y without being about murder.
  6. It’s usually a guarantee that this time of year I’m bound to get a cold. And a dang nasty one at that. I’m not sure if working from home is helping or hindering this happening. On the one hand, I’m not exposed to so many germs buuuuuut, on the other hand, I’m not exposed to so many germs! Less risk of coming into contact with sickly people but, also, less chance to build up immunities. I’m taking lots of elderberry and vitamin c supplements to be safe, either way.
  7. May we all have an Aunt Jackie in our lives.
  8. Going to attempt my first Bûche de Nöel this week/weekend. I haven’t successfully made a Swiss roll cake in two year (then again, I haven’t tried in two years). If you have any tips or tricks for the love of all that is good in this world please share!

2 thoughts on “Thursday Things

    • Thank you Lili! It makes me happy to write them! I am definitely into only two genres of podcasts – True Crime or Comedy and Scam Goddess is both! Laci is a hilarious and wonderful host!

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