Thursday Things

  1. I am on day five of my cheesy advent calendar and this is so much fun.
  2. Speaking of cheese (again), as of now – my upcoming Holiday Cheeseboard class is SOLD OUT. I cannot believe it. I’m in awe. And so excited to make some cheeseboards!
  3. Seth and I started watching Sex Education on Netflix and it’s quickly become one of our favorite shows. Yes, it’s raunchy and full of inappropriate words. But it’s also full of heart and humor and a deeper meaning. Season two starts in January and we are so ready!
  4. I got my mom a Nicholas Cage Pillow for her birthday. She loved it even more than I thought she would.
  5. Got these bibs when Seth and I went down to Chicago for our early anniversary trip. They’re my new favorite. They can be paired with a Christmas sweater or worn when I’m on location. Highly recommend.
  6. Seth also picked up a new coat…for Edgar! “For chores.” (Find the photographic evidence on my “Edgar James” story highlights on IG!)
  7. We were all clad in our Carhartt-ed best when we went in search of a tree. Turns out! All these lovely, quaint, small-town cut-your-own Christmas tree farms are closed Monday – Thursday! So, we got our tree from a local, beloved plant shop. We brought it home, put it up, and watched it promptly topple over when I tried to water it. Thank goodness it wasn’t decorated yet!
  8. Dots Pretzels. Seth and I had them as a car snack a few days ago and ohmygosh I cannot believe how good they are! Makes me want to do a fun seasoned or spiced pretzel/snack mix for the holidays!  

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