Mulled Wine (& Monday)

Hello and happy Monday!

Is it too early to tell tails? …cocktails, that is?! (Oy, I’m mad at myself for that one.)

I feel like no. Because I spent most of yesterday thinking it was today and now IDK what I’m feeling like today.

Except…maybe a glass of mulled wine. That might feel nice.

Mulled wine is the drink of December. Or, at least, one of the drinks of December. I have a few more headed your way! I’m very into the entertaining-focused and party-prepping posts at the moment. Tis the season, y’know?

Yeah, you know.

Mulled Wine is a warming winter cocktail that will have your guests feeling all sortsa merry. A bottle (or two!) of wine simply simmered with whole spices and orange peel create a cocktail that’s as enjoyable as it is easy. As a bonus! It can be made in a crockpot and kept on warm all evening long (and made a day in advance too)! Easy entertaining drink recipes, that’s what we’re all about this time of year, mmmkay?

Find the printable recipe (with a non-alcoholic variation too!) over at Webster’s!

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