Fresh Cranberry Sauce (& needs)

You probably don’t need this, right?

Fresh Cranberry Sauce Recipe

This easy, delicious, make-ahead recipe for homemade fresh cranberry sauce.

You’ve got your stuff together. Your bird is brining. The bread cubes for stuffing are drying out. You’ve made all your piecrusts ahead of time.

Fresh Cranberry Sauce Recipe

No? Ok. Cool. Me either.

I don’t yet know what it’s like to host Thanksgiving. Someday, I hope I do. I want to experience the fun and excitement. The planning and prepping and grocery shopping. I want to wake up at 4am to get all my ducks in a row and my turkey in the fryer! (Yes, to me, this is the epitome of excitement.)

Fresh Cranberry Sauce Recipe

This year, we’re just attending two different celebrations on different days. There will be a little bit of planning and prepping, a bit of working ahead. But not too much. There will be pie of the Apple Chess variety and Brussels Sprouts drizzled with balsamic. There will be fresh cranberry sauce that’s slightly spiced and citrusy.

Fresh homemade cranberry sauce is easier than you’d think! Combine just five simple ingredients (and avoid that weird, canned nonsense) for a sauce that is fresh & festive and sure to please all your holiday guests!

Fresh Cranberry Sauce Recipe

Grab the recipe I created for Webster’s Marketplace right here!

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