Cornbread Stuffing (& a Turkey Day Recipe Round-Up!)

Sides may be the most important part of a meal for me. They can make or break the main course. Elevating and uplifting it or dragging it down to the bottomless depths.

Cornbread Stuffing Recipe

Luckily, this cornbread stuffing does the former.

It will complement the savory bird at the center of the table, being sturdy enough to stand in the place of a traditional stuffing. Or, it will delightfully contrast a tart cranberry sauce, adding just a hint of sweetness from a generous amount of cornbread. It’s enough of a departure to feel adventurous, but not so outlandish that your guests are unwilling to try it.

Cornbread Stuffing Recipe

In a word – it’s perfect.

I’ve got quite a few recipes that are perfect for your Thanksgiving day and dinner needs! Let’s discuss them, shall we?

Do your guests need a beverage? Might I suggest an Apple Cider Mimosa for a meal that’s earlier in the day? Or a Sparkling Cider Sangria for a later affair? Looking for something non-alcoholic? Try your hand at making your own Apple Cider or at least mulling some from the store. As a bonus – the cider makes a great hostess gift!

Not doing turkey? That’s totally ok! Personally, I prefer a Butter Rubbed Roast Chicken. Especially for a small crowd.

Cornbread Stuffing Recipe

You’ll want plenty of Pan Roasted Vegetables to go alongside either bird. Or maybe just a dish that highlights one veggie in particular – Brussels Sprouts! Go all in by pairing them with cheese or bacon – either way is absolutely divine! Not a fan of green bean casserole? Maybe try some Sesame Garlic Green Beans instead, for a little lighter option. One time I went to a celebration where they served a Classic Wedge Salad and it’s still one of the best Thanksgiving day meals I’ve ever had.

And we can’t forget the starch! Garlic Mashed Potatoes are a teeny, tiny twist on flavor and technique that yield such high reward! Or totally throw caution to the wind and make some Mustard Roasted Red Potatoes.

Cornbread Stuffing Recipe

Last but not least, we can’t forget dessert! Of course – pie is the traditional sweet finish. You’ll need a great crust recipe for whatever you choose – might I suggest this one? You could fill it with Apples (Classic or Chess) or Pecans (Bourbon or Maple). You could also do a dark horse – like a Sweet Potato Cream with Marshmallow Whipped Cream or maybe even a S’mores Cream Pie. Not a fan of pie? There’s always cake! If you’re a Brandy lover like myself (and almost every other good Wisconsinite) there’s the Brandy Pear Bundt Cake or the Butternut Squash Cake with Brandy Butterscotch to consider. Maybe keep it simple with Pumpkin Bars. Or go all out with a Butternut Squash Cheesecake and all the necessary accessories. You can make this Boozy Bread Pudding a day or two before, and just reheat before serving.

Cornbread Stuffing Recipe

I know that from this list I’ll be making at least one or two things. And my mom has requested a Mayo Cake for the day, too. Tell me, what are you making?! If you’re tempted to try the cornbread stuffing (as well you should be!) – you can find the recipe I created for Webster’s Marketplace right here!

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