Thursday Things

Autumn Spice Chex Mix Recipe
  1. That up there? Oh, just a recipe for Brown Sugar & Spice Snack Mix that I made for Webster’s a few weeks ago. I absolutely luh-huv how the recipe turned out and the photos too! And I’m not the only one! Chex Mix cereal saw them on Instagram and sent me the most wonderful care package ever! It’s full of holiday goodies and recipes themed around classic Christmas movies. I can’t wait to make treats!
  2. I just started watching the second Holiday edition of Great British Bake-Off and it makes me so stinking happy. And in the mood to develop a recipe for mulled wine.
  3. Speaking of mulled wine! The Christkindlmarket starts in Chicago tomorrow! Seth and I will be in town next week and I cannot wait to take him! He’s never been. Ever! Oh what fun (and wine) we’ll have!
  4. How behind the times am I in having just joined The FeedFeed? I have a little profile page that links to everything if you’re interested in taking a look!
  5. To that end – should I also be joining Food Gawker? Is that still a thing? Oy am I out of touch!
  6. Actually, I am aggressively out of touch. Because I just started watching Charlie Berens videos. His one on Midwest Nice?! Hello, my business model!
  7. We need more fried cheese on salads. Don’t you agree? I know Jessica over at How Sweet Eats does!
  8. This coat is ridiculously warm. And makes me look like Fran Fine! Gah. I love it! I got it on clearance at the end of last winter and it’s easily one of the best purchases I’ve made!

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