Thursday Things

  1. I’m still flying high from seeing Celine Dion this weekend! Some friends and I had a little girls’ weekend in Milwaukee for the occasion. We got a hotel room, had a nice dinner, and then openly wept as we sat FOUR ROWS AWAY from Celine. It was easily one of the best concerts I have ever been to!
  2. Know what else made me weep? Reading Shauna’s new book – Midwest Made! She hit the nail on the head in every single way. From photos to recipes to prose. It’s all perfection. I can’t wait to meet her and thank her personally next week!
  3. I’ve made some pretty fun videos for Webster’s lately. Like this one on seasoning a cast iron pan. Truly helpful for some upcoming recipes I have planned!
  4. I’m well into planning Thanksgiving (and a little bit of Christmas). Seth got a turkey fryer (brand new for $25!) that we are dying to bust out. Has anyone ever tried frying a turkey? I need success stories, people!
  5. My laptop is currently set up on a little stand to try and ease some neck and shoulder tension. I’ve started seeing a chiropractor in the hopes that it offers some relief. My X-rays and initial examination were enlightening to say the least.
  6. Because of the heavy snow and frigid weather, Seth and I had to move our garage fridge into the house earlier than expected. Now we have a basement fridge and it makes me really happy! I have a place for all my ingredients and “work food.” It may have taken over an hour to move, because our house is basically the Midwestern Winchester Mystery House, but we got it! Thank you, Seth <3
  7. This pillow has totally changed my bubble bath game.
  8. I’ll never not be amazed by Sarah’s photos.

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