Breakfast Quesadillas (& a new job)

Aside from the very exciting announcement last week, it’s been quiet over here for the past two months. Some of that was due to planning a wedding in eight weeks instead of the remaining eight months, and some of that was because I’ve started a new job.

Breakfast Quesadilla Recipe

Kind of.

I’m still slinging beer and mopping floors, but now. NOW! Now I’m creating recipes, posts, and videos for Webster’s Marketplace, a local grocery store that pretty much feeds the entire town!

It’s truly been a dream to be able to do this. To make soup or cheesecake bars or queso or homemade granola (we already know how important granola is to me) that people get to try and buy and make on their own! I’m having a blast creating videos like this one. And this one. And this one!


I’ve always said that my dream job would be making food for my friends and family and being paid to write about it. And here I am! Living the dream! (Even if the dream is being supplemented by tips.) I’m using my skills (and finally my degree) and pursuing my passion. When I talked about doing just that (and waffles) all those weeks ago, it was before I had for sure gotten this gig. It was after the initial meeting, before the green light. I was a ball of nervous energy, so fearful that it wasn’t going to work, or my idea would be rejected.

Breakfast Quesadilla Recipe

But it wasn’t. I wasn’t. And now I’m stretching and learning and growing and being held responsible for my own hours and my own work and all the planning, organizing, and producing that goes into it. I’m having the time of my life. And, now that I’m not working full-time at the bar and full-time with Webster’s in tandem, I have a little more time in my life. Time to write and clean and hang out with my husband. And, most importantly, time to pursue more creative and career goals.

Breakfast Quesadilla Recipe

Please, feel free to follow along on YouTube! And check out their Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest (that I’m in the middle of revamping). I like showing off what I’m doing. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t. I came up with this idea, pursued it, proposed it, and have done all the planning and execution of it since. Including these breakfast quesadillas. Work perks, amirite?

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