Visiting Cheeselandia

Cheeselandia Party

Scrolling through Instagram has finally paid off!

Cheeselandia Party

Months and months ago, I clicked on an ad from the Wisconsin Dairy Council. They wanted to know what I knew about cheese, see some photos I’d taken, and have me write an essay on a food memory that meant something to me. So I told them, I made an intense cheeseboard, I wrote about Sam.

And then I didn’t hear anything for months. Like, months. For so long that I just assumed I hadn’t gotten it – that my cheeseboard wasn’t good enough, I knew too little about cheese, or someone else had a better anecdote about dumplings that I did.

Cheeselandia Party

Turns out, that wasn’t the case! These things just take time. And then, after a little time, you get ten pounds of cheese mailed to you. And you get to throw a party at your fiancé’s newly renovated home with a bunch of friends there to celebrate his hard work. And you allot a bottle of wine for each person in attendance. And your dog plays in the freshly fallen snow while you take photos with said friends.

Cheeselandia Party

Thank you, Wisconsin Dairy Council, for inviting me to Cheeselandia! It was a truly un-brie-lievable experience that I’m incredibly grate-ful for!

Cheeselandia Party

5 thoughts on “Visiting Cheeselandia

  1. Congratulations on getting to visit Cheeselandia and the house being finished! So many reasons to celebrate. Next time it snows, Apple and Edgar will have to have another play date.


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