Thursday Things

Natural Hickory Hardwood Floor

  1. Is this not the most gorgeous floor you’ve ever seen?! Natural hickory – so soft and smooth and downright delightful. Even if it did take 8.5 hours to install ½ of it. But! We’re almost done!
  2. I’ve made the vision board, I’m signing up for free classes/tutorials, I’m saying my mantras. Let’s do the damn thing.
  3. This may sound crazy (ok, it does sound crazy), but doesn’t coffee taste different in different mugs? I have my favorite that I think make my cups of java taste the best and some that taste blah. You know?
  4. There’s a Mean Girls Cookbook!
  5. Spyro is being rereleased! This is the only video game I ever spent a decent amount of time playing. My sisters and I would sit in our shared room on our bunkbeds and take turns flying that little purple dragon around. Oh, the memories!
  6. Edgar will be Yoda for Halloween this year, but I’ll be damned if he’s not going to be Spyro next year! The resemblance is uncanny.
  7. Pinterest is really and truly boggling my mind. There aren’t blanket categories to look under anymore and if you search one item that’s all you see in your feed for the next three weeks and why do they have to constantly change things that are perfectly ok. I miss the original version. Oy.
  8. Arriving to the party hella late but Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat is my new favorite Netflix show! I’ve only watched “Fat” and part of “Salt” but I’m in awe, jaw on the floor the entire time. Truly magical, y’all.

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