Thursday Thing


  1. It’s decorative gourd season. Again!
  2. I picked up a copy of The Woman in Cabin 10 and really looking forward to starting it! I need to read more. And I need to stop saying that.
  3. The other day I watched the series finale of Will & Grace and Hulu took that as an excuse to start right in on the series premiere of The Golden Girls. I don’t know if I should be impressed or upset at the insight they have into my tastes in television.
  4. Also, when I say “watched” I really mean I had it on in the background while I puttered around doing work. I feel the need to make that clear as most every Thursday Things involves me talking about tv.
  5. So…might as well continue with that and say that on a whim I started The Sinner last night after a bath and ho.lee.buckets. So good! Jessica Biel has never been better – truly. And her husband looks like Bobo John Snow.
  6. Maybe I’d have more time to read if I didn’t dive into shows like that? And lose 2.5 hours of my life? Hmm…food for thought.
  7. Since The Greatest Love Story Ever Told just came out on Tuesday and Punch Up the Jam has been on hiatus for a month, I kind of stalled out on things to listen to earlier this week and fiiiiinally ventured back into MFM. I listened to two minisodes and am happy to say that I haven’t had any nightmares. Yet! Dunno that I’m brave enough to keep listening to more though, for the sake of my sanity and Seth’s too (Lord knows my incessant string of texts at 2am can’t be any more entertaining for him to get than they are for me to send).
  8. There’s already peppermint bark flavored treats on grocery stores shelves and I’m so here for it! I picked up some Blue Bunny ice cream thingies and they’re to die for!
  9. VINDICATION! Although, it’s so chilly in my house at the moment that the butter sitting out on my counter isn’t actually any more spreadable than straight from the fridge. Love this time of year!


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