Thursday Things

  1. I did yoga yesterday for the first time in ages. Like, months? I used to be pretty regular in my practice – stretching and straining a couple times a week. A few months ago, that hour of devoted time was given to Edgar to go to the dog park. Frankly, I’m not brave enough to lie down and roll around in the grass there.
  2. Since I spend most mornings walking through a grassy field with Edgar and since most mornings that field is soaked and squishy, I bought some rain boots after ruining more than one pair of shoes. They’re camouflage. I bought them at Cabela’s. I truly am I Wisconsinite.
  3. Now I’m on the hunt for winter boots. These cuties are tempting me.
  4. I’ve also been searching for the perfect purse for what feels like forever. I’ve been using the same one for over two years and it’s awfully tired/nearly broken. I’ve attempted to buy and use others – but they’re just never quite right. There are not enough pockets or it doesn’t fit my wallet (which I’m also in love with) or the strap doesn’t sit right. HALP ME.
  5. It took all of two days to blow through “Unqualified” and now I’m listening to “You Are a Bad Ass” in the hopes of finding my true calling and unleashing my inner bad assery.
  6. I’m toying around with apple cookies – maybe with oats? But am worrying about sogginess being an issue? Or them coming out too cakey? These are the questions that plague me daily!
  7. Seth and I are going to see Amanda Shires tomorrow night and I cannot wait! It’s going to be a great show, I just know it! Plus, there’s lots of good food to be had in Milwaukee.

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