Thursday Things

  1. Kristen just left this afternoon (hence the late upload) and I was so very sad to see her leave! Her coming here was one of the best experiences since I’ve been home – showing her around, sharing meals, sharing even more laughs. I had truly missed her! And cried when she left.
  2. Some of the things we did included: a trip to The House on the Rock (never again), New Glarus Brewing (again and again), and eating our weight in meats and cheeses. We all know I love a good cheeseboard!
  3. She also got me hooked on Outlander; a historical drama set in 18th century Scotland. It’s got everything – romance, intrigue, and men in kilts!
  4. I was both surprised and excited when Seth revealed to me that there’s some Scottish in his blood. What I would not give to see his legs wrapped in tartan. (He may not come back from Canada after reading that line, ah well…)
  5. Finally listening to Anna Faris’s memoir and it is not disappointing! I’ve loved her podcast for ages and find her take on relationships insightful and encouraging.
  6. Craving going to a book store something fierce. The smell of new books, the hushed conversations, the fresh coffee. What a treat!
  7. Craving this apple and honey pizza from Molly Yeh too!

2 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. Sounds like a lovely time!!

    I said the same thing about House On the Rock. My boyfriend took me there because he had always wanted to go. Turns out he meant to take me to Taliesin. Oops!

    • We had lunch at Taliesin! Which was gorgeous! The Rock was just dingy and dirty and depressing, IMO. And this is coming from a lover of kitsch and collectibles!

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