Thursday Things

Benninson's Bakery

  1. I got a new computer (like over a month ago) and have been working on going through all the old files and downloads on my well-loved and well-used laptop. I found a whole host of ancient photos and projects from school. I was so young, so naïve. But still very much into bakeries.
  2. I’m taking a (much needed) break from MFM and listening to things that are a little less stabby. This week it’s been Punch Up The Jam and “Yes, Please” by Amy Poehler. I read and listened to it when it first came out and decided I need a little more “Yes.” in my life again. And there’s something so uplifting about a good memoir from people who have been in the trenches and are now doing what they love for a living.
  3. Another uplifting form of entertainment (that also involves Amy Poehler) – is Making It. It’s basically the craft version of the Great British Baking Show with Poehler and Nick Offerman as the hosts and I am just tickled pink watching it. To the point where I completely caught up on it in one night and then had to dive back into GBBS to get more of that feel-good TV. Seth is now a fan, too!
  4. One of my besties from SC is coming to visit next week! She’ll get in Sunday and be here until Friday and I’m just over the moon about seeing her! And showing her my home and my hometown and my nieces and eating cheesecurds. It’s gonna be one helluva visit!
  5. Unfortunately, Seth leaves for a hunting trip in Canada right before she gets here so they’ll miss one another by this much.
  6. Monday afternoon, while running errands for last minute fishing supplies, Seth and I got lunch at a local wine bar. It was delightful! As it always had been when I’d gone in years past. I took a picture of the menu to study and find inspiration from – they have the best small plates. And I love a meal made of appetizers!
  7. I’ll be scratching the international travel itch in just a few months, too! Seth’s parents will be taking us to London and Paris in March! I’ve never been outside the country and I cried when they told us the news. I’m going to eat real scones and pan au chocolat and macarons and fish n chips. I’m going to tear up again if I keep thinking about it!

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