Thursday Things

  1. These gorgeous baby bites were up on Ernessi’s IG stories earlier this week. I’m hoping to do this from time to time so be sure you follow them so you don’t miss a single simple recipe!
  2. I’ve been listening to Dear Hank and John again now that I’ve got a backlog of episodes. For whatever reason I only listen to podcasts if I can listen to 20+ at a time.
  3. Because I’ve been listening to them (and taking the smallest break from MFM late at night in the hopes of sleeping better), I found out about this couple and their $160 million stolen painting!
  4. Last winter I found a Clinique face wash at TJ Maxx and promptly bought it. My skin never looked better! Around April I ran out and hadn’t bought another bottle. Cue my skin looking worse than it had in years. I always said because I had been very lucky to have good skin that I would be unfortunate enough to develop adult acne. And develop it I have! I’ve tried a few different face washes – organic, natural, gentle, etc. since April and they just haven’t helped. If anything, my skin’s gotten worse. I finally bit the bullet and bought a new bottle (at full price) and I swear my skin has already improved!
  5. Nobody else cares about that, do they?
  6. Found this dress on major clearance and fixed it by cutting that stupid thing around the neck off. WHY IS THAT A TREND?!
  7. When we were at my aunt’s house Sunday a lot of my family interacted with Edgar for the first time since we began training. There was a chorus of “He’s a new dog! There’s been so much improvement!” and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t both proud and surprised. Being that I see him every day I don’t have the perspective to see his improvements – it was really quite beautiful.
  8. Add to that the fact I was able to get him to fetch a ball four times in a row yesterday and I may agree with the sentiment of having a new dog.

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