Thursday Things

  1. Amanda Shires came out with a new record!!! It. Is. Amazing. Parking Lot Pirouette is my favorite. Haunting, melodic, moving. Guys.
  2. *Googles her tour dates immediately.*
  3. Seth and I went to the State Fair earlier this week with his family. Neither one of us had been to the fair in well over a decade. It was just as I’d remembered though – too hot with too many people. At least the cream puffs were a dream.
  4. This weekend my aunt and cousins will be back in Wisconsin for the second time this summer – I’ll get to see them and squeeze them and cry from how much I’ve missed them.
  5. The fall scents are out at Bath and Body Works! Meaning I picked up a candle in my absolute favorite scent.
  6. Also grabbed a few bottles of body oil – they’re my favorite thing to put on after a shower. It’s my secret to soft skin, especially in the cooler months!
  7. I made a huge batch of those green beans from yesterday to go with a Beer Braised Pot Roast and rounded out the whole meal with some garlic mashed potatoes. I’ll share the recipe for those soon!

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