Thursday Things

  1. Seth planted radishes in his garden. Think they’re doing ok?
  2. They’ve started filming season 3 of Queer Eye! The anticipation is killing me. Did you see it was nominated for four Emmy’s? And Jonathan’s show too?! I find their hard work and perseverance so inspiring!
  3. Totally forgot Idris Elba guest starred on The Office. Those episodes are always low-key so good!
  4. Monday and Tuesday I was in Green Bay spending some much needed quality time with two girlfriends of mine and oh was it fun! We ate some great food (it’s currently GB Restaurant Week), drank some delicious wine, and laughed so hard. Plus, there were three cats and a (very big, very fluffy) dog at the house.
  5. Speaking of wine – did you know if you leave a bottle of red wine in a hot car it’ll open itself up? Work the foil off and wiggle the cork out and everything! I’m speaking from experience. And a wet duffle bag.
  6. Which is a bummer because I’ve had that cute little Vera Bradley weekender bag since high school and it’s the perfect size for those quick trips. Now that it’s got a huge red wine stain on it I may need to look into finding a replacement!

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