Thursday Things

  1. Big news. Huge. HUGE!
  2. I’m working on a very emotional post about my fiancé (what?!) that I hope to have up ASAP.
  3. Did everyone have a safe and happy Fourth? I’m amazed that not only is Edgar unfazed by fireworks but my nieces are also entertained by them!
  4. We picked fresh peas yesterday in the 90+ degree heat and I’ve got a plan for those pretties!
  5. My Favorite Murder is just too good. Like, “sitting on the couch eating ice cream and just intently listening to it” good.
  6. We had a little picnic Tuesday night to watch fireworks and I made a big batch of my guacamole and Seth LOVED it. Bet you will too!
  7. I haven’t been listening to any new music lately. Nothing is moving me and grooving me (maybe because all my listening is being taken up by gruesome and grisly slayings?). I need recommendations!

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