DIY Cheeseboard (& jealousy)

We offer a meat and cheese board appetizer at work.

Every time someone orders it, I turn green with envy.



Assorted fruits and accoutrement.

It’s delectable. Delicious. The height of “I’m enjoying this meal out at a restaurant. Someone else is doing the dishes. I’m having a second glass of wine.”

Let’s recreate that at home, shall we?

It’s so easy! Grab some of your favorite cheeses (hard and soft for major textural contrast), some cured meats (if it’s made of deer, more power to you), fruits (bright and refreshing), nuts (salty to go with that sweet fruit) and a crisp beer or glass of red wine and live your best life.

DIY Meat & Cheese Board 

4 – 6 favorite cheeses – I love a sharp cheddar, soft chevre, salty parmesan, and tangy blue or gorgonzola.

Dried and fresh fruit such as grapes, apricots, dried cranberries, etc.

Crackers/Carbs – whole wheat, butter, pita chips work too! And toasted bread! And pretzels!

Nuts – pecans, walnuts, pistachios

Meat – venison, prosciutto, summer sausage, etc.

Pickles, olives, fruit spreads (like fig preserves), and/or grainy mustard also compliment cheese beautifully!

Assemble ingredients on large cutting board and serve with chilled beer or a full-bodied red wine. This is such a great party snack, y’all. Seriously.

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