Thursday Things

  1. Seth and I attempted to forage for some wild asparagus along his fence line on Tuesday. We came up empty. And every other spot along shoulders and ditches had been picked over by other eagle-eyed searchers. Maybe next year. Sigh.
  2. Made out like bandits on rhubarb though.
  3. My friend Alice has a birthday this weekend. I made her a modified version of my Chocolate Coffee Stout Cake for her – with a chocolate buttercream instead – and it’s one of the best cakes I’ve made in a long time!
  4. I found a GORGEOUS vintage coach bag at a local thrift store for only $12!!! It’s not one of those purses covered in Cs with a bunch of different colors. It’s quality leather, the perfect size, and in excellent condition. It’s also a twin to a bag my friend Jen in SC has. I thought of her as soon as I found it!
  5. This song on repeat. All day.
  6. I’ve started giving Edgar these treats throughout the day and I’ve noticed a marked difference in his anxiety. He’s calmer, listens better, and hasn’t jumped out of any more windows!
  7. Just ordered another one of these rollerballs. I’ve really gotten into quality perfumes in the last two years and this is one of my favorite scents! Plus, I think a rollerball lasts longer than a spray – in terms of the actual product longevity and the scent lingering on your skin.
  8. I need to share this because it boggled my mind! Y’know in the midst of the Royal Wedding craziness (guilty as charged), there were all those “What’s your royal wedding name?” thingers? Listing your first pet, grandma’s name, street your grew up on, or some amalgamation of that? Dudes. It’s a scam!!! If you comment on those posts with all that info those people can easily figure out your security questions for things like your bank account and credit cards! That thought never even crossed my mind! Bless Jen for telling me!

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