Thursday Things

  1. After the big birthday party on Sunday we had our first fire out by the lake. We sat and talked and watched the dogs play. Such a good ending to a great day.
  2. I slept ten hours Tuesday night. I credit the rainstorm (of which we’ve had several and I’m totally ok with that) and the crash that comes after a major adrenaline rush.
  3. Why the adrenaline rush? Oh, only that Edgar decided to make a jail break while Seth and I were out getting lunch and I came home to an empty house and a torn window screen. After frantically searching for him and crying to everyone I crossed paths with – including the entirety of the college track team – he was waiting on the porch when I circled back around toward home. Napping in the sun, patiently waiting and wagging his tail. The mixture of relief and aggravation I felt was unlike anything I’d ever experienced.
  4. Have you gotten you Mother’s Day card and/or gift yet? I’m all set – because this year Mom was very straightforward about what she wanted. A shovel.
  5. The Nanny has aged so well as a tv show. The jokes still land and the fashion has circled back to being in style. Fran’s insistence on being true to yourself is also as important now as it was then.
  6. It’s been over six months since I’ve eaten a brat. This situation needs to be rectified ASAP.
  7. My friend Jamison brought over a bunch of foraged ramps for me to enjoy. I’m happy to have found friends who find food.

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