Thursday Things

  1. Enjoy a little baby baker Amanda for your throwback this Thursday, enjoy!
  2. Healing tattoos itch like mad. That is all.
  3. I accidentally did my hair like Jonathan from QE yesterday. I didn’t hate it.
  4. Sleeping with the windows open is one of the many joys springtime brings. Don’t you agree?
  5. I just realized I have never made peanut butter cookies before. Like, ever. Going to need to rectify that situation real quick. If you have a no-fail, tried-and-true recipe please send it my way!
  6. Peppermint sweet tea has officially become my drink of the season. An added squeeze of lime really sends it over the top!
  7. My nieces turn one on Sunday! My how the year has flown by! I’m making their smash cakes and doing a modified (read:booze free) version of this cake for them to get their hands on.
  8. A former classmate of mine tweeted this article about fairy tales and how they can change our perceptions of love and I am here for it.
  9. It’s official, I’ve reverted to being a midwesterner. “You folks” and “you guys” have replaced my previous “y’all”s – it was only a matter of time.

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