Thursday Things

  1. Brisket may be my new favorite form of bbq. For the longest time it was ribs/pulled pork. Brisket pulled into the lead a few weeks ago and is firmly holding that position.
  2. Spring has sprung! Finally! Maybe? I think/hope/pray. It’s been gorgeous the last two days – necessitating extra walks and laying in the warm spots of the floor soaked in sunshine. It even smells like spring!
  3. New Girl may be turning into The Office and Park and Rec for me. I’ve started playing it in the background while I’m living my life. I forget how funny it is. The punches and pauses are so perfectly timed.
  4. Edgar’s birthday is tomorrow! I can’t believe my little man is going to be three! Holy cow.
  5. Speaking of divine bovine (heh), I was this close to getting these shoes. I fell down a very deep, dark hole like I do every time I’m on
  6. I found an apartment! It’s a great 2.5 bedroom (yes, half a bedroom – a nursery-type situation attached to another room) with a garage and basement and within walking distance to work. I’ll be moving next month!
  7. Before the move though I’ll be painting a few rooms to freshen up the space. I love every aspect of painting – choosing colors, cutting in, rolling, clean up. It’s such a rewarding task!

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