Thursday Things

  1. Milwaukee was so good to me last week. The Best Place at the Old Pabst Brewery was gorgeous beyond belief (with a bomb ass gift shop), we went to an old school Italian bakery that looked and smelled exactly like it should, and Lorde was so amazing! She cried, I cried, I sang and danced along. I attempted to rap with RTJ. It was a truly stupendous day.
  2. The longer I’m at work the more I learn about my customers. For instance, I just found out a guy I’ve been waiting on since the get-go is a ridiculously talented glass blower. He makes hella realistic glass bones (yes, bones) and I now have a glass femur and jawbone in my possession. And intend to add more!
  3. I saw the Hateful Eight this past weekend since it’s now on Netlfix. I definitely had it confused with the Magnificent Seven and kept waiting for Chris Pratt to appear amidst all the bloodshed and swearing. He never did.
  4. Did you know that popcorn and caramel corn make great packing material for mailing goodies?! I had no idea and stumbled across it on the internets while putting together a care package for Nick’s girlfriend while she’s stationed in Afghanistan. It’s genius. And far more delicious than packing peanuts.
  5. After driving to and from Milwaukee three times and then to and from Chicago all in one week I’m so sick and tired of driving. And I love driving! But my calf does not. My nerves have been on fire all week.
  6. To ease my angry calf, I got some new Lush bubble bars this weekend. I much prefer them over the bath bombs. I’m more about suds than sparkles. I plan to soak and unwind in a mountain of colorful bubbles for a few weeks.
  7. Ironically enough, I just listened to an episode of Dear Hank and John where John extols his love for and virtue of taking baths with Lush products. We’re so on the same page. What about you? Are you a bath taker?
  8. Velvet jogger pants are a revelation. That is all.

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