Thursday Things

  1. Vitamin E Oil is saving my skin right now. And coconut oil. I’m just slathering my face and body in both twice a day. What’re your winter skin remedies?
  2. Still falling down the rabbit hole that is JT’s anthology after his halftime performance. Found the new single he did with Chris Stapleton. So good.
  3. I’m going to Nashville this weekend to celebrate Galentine’s Day with Mandy and I. Cannot. Wait. It’s gonna be three days of ladies celebrating ladies.
  4. City House/Five Daughters/Patterson House/Barista Parlor/Rolf & Daughters I’m coming for you.
  5. I’ve started following Kevin Porter on Instagram because I don’t get enough of him from Gilmore Guys and ohmyword are his stories precious and hilarious!
  6. Speaking of Instagram! Duke’s may or may not have reposted a picture of my Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake and it’s official – I’ve peaked. Nowhere to go but down from here.
  7. I have a pair of jeans with a few strategically placed rips and tears in them (I know, I know, apparently it’s 2006 again) and I’m wondering how many squats I have to do until my thighs are stronger than the strands of denim and my quads bust through them. I’m working on about 100 a day right now. Let’s see how it goes from there!
  8. The new season of Will & Grace really and truly is the best revival I’ve seen thus far. It just keeps getting better and better. It stayed true to its core premise and storytelling method and the actors have the same chemistry and timing and it’s such a lovely little escape for 20 minutes.
  9. A buncha beauty vloggers I follow went on a trip with Benefit to Utah last week so now Antelope Canyon and Amangiri are on my bucket list of places to visit. Breathtakingly beautiful.

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