Thursday Things

  1. Currently riding that post-vacation wave of melancholy, but trying my best to remain positive. Leaving Greenville the first time wasn’t goodbye, and neither was this time. Working on a post to share more about those feelings. So many feelings.
  2. Super happy I decided to make the return drive in just one day so I had an entire day at home to unpack and settle back in before returning to work. And squeeze Edgar so tight.
  3. 14 hours alone in a car gave me a few things – heartburn from too much coffee, an unrelenting cramp in my calf, and the ability to rap the entirety of “Shoop” by Salt n Pepa.
  4. Ryan Howard is the worst character on The Office. He just is, ok?
  5. I’m a new convert to wrestling. I’m a fan now. This is my life. I went to some friends’ viewing party of Royal Rumble and my world is forever changed.
  6. To the point where I want to figure out how to get to NOLA for Wrestlemania.
  7. Levi’s makes these elastic-waist joggers that are the most comfortable, casual, stylish things I’ve ever put on. I got a pair in SC and proceeded to wear them for three days straight. Plus, they’ve got deep front pockets! Finally!
  8. Don’t know how I ever held my phone without a popsocket. Let alone one that didn’t have a picture of Edgar on it. (Thanks, Elise!)
  9. Holy crap. It’s February. We’re really doing this 2018 thing.

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