Thursday Things

  1. I’m officially in SC! Two day’s worth of driving and singing and sometimes swearing and I made it in early yesterday afternoon. Standing never felt so good.
  2. Do you like driving? Do you like solo road trips? Honestly – I love both! Originally, this wasn’t the plan, but I’m happy as can be with how it turned out and what it turned into. I firmly believe you learn a lot about yourself whilst on the open road.
  3. But, because I’m me and I need sleep there was no way I was making the 16-hour drive in one shot. I spent the night in Louisville at the sweetest AirBnb. I’d never explored around the area much, though I’ve driven through plenty of times. I got dinner and drinks at Crescent Hill Craft House and the next morning ate the most ridiculously buttery, flavorful, enticing scone at Blue Dog Bakery. Apple cardamom with a brown sugar glaze. It tasted like a fancy poptart! The best part? Everything was just a quick walk from where I stayed.
  4. Even though it was slightly difficult to walk because while I was packing up my car I slid on ice and sufficiently jammed the toes of my left foot. They’re swollen and sore and bruised, but getting better every day so at least they’re not broken? Silverlinings, y’all.
  5. The amount of brain space used holding onto old lyrics from albums I haven’t listened to in decades in astonished. Imagine the real estate I’d have available if I didn’t remember every word to Hilary Duff’s “Metamorphosis” – I could rule the world! Or at least be better at mental math.
  6. Before leaving I gave myself a manicure and it just so happens to match my new phone case – a fact which every girlfriend I’ve seen has pointed out to me. I dunno why that makes me so happy – but it does. These are my people.
  7. I’m writing this from the corner table of GB&D, trying (and failing) not to cry. I’m so happy to be here again – to squeeze my friends and be in this space, to hear the noises of the kitchen, the ice clinking into glasses. I’m truly overwhelmed in a way I didn’t expect.

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