Thursday Things

  1. Do you follow Jenny Slate on twitter? If not, you should. If you do – doesn’t it just make you so stinking happy? She is a light in the darkness that can be the Internet.
  2. It just came to my attention last weekend that the newest season of Peaky Blinders was on Netflix. Naturally, upon finding this out I proceeded to watch the entire thing in a twelve hour period.
  3. That up there? Poke from Revival Food Hall in Chicago. Took squirt there on her birthday. She got Smoque. Everything was delish.
  4. Redoing my room has gotten me back into Pinterest. I am starting to get the hang of it again!
  5. There’s no snow on the ground. In January! Holy buckets. I am so torn about how to feel about the fact that I’m only wearing a sweatshirt outside to walk Edgar.
  6. And because it’s the beginning of the year there are planners everywhere! And I’ve fallen into the trap. Again. Too many papers and pads and planners. Now that I have them all and want to use them all it’s baffling and confusing and does anyone else do this obnoxious thing?
  7. Furthermore – are you a paper person for notes or a phone person? Pen and paper is in my bones.
  8. Target has a huge clearance sale in cosmetics going on right now, just FYI. I got two bottles of my favorite eye cream for 50% off! And a whole host of other things. Don’t sleep on this people.

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