Thursday Things

  1. I cut bangs just a few weeks before Christmas. I did this last year too. And apparently will never learn. I always like them for a few weeks, and then the upkeep gets to be too much and I realize I’ll never be as cute at Zooey Deschanel.
  2. I roasted my first pork belly today! Can’t wait to share it!
  3. I bet Ron Swanson would be proud of the pork. I feel a deeper connection to him after my friend, Tim, and I had Ron Swansnight last weekend. We made steak, bacon, and ribs and watched our favorite Swanson-centric episodes of Parks & Rec. Bully for us!
  4. I’ve got a friend from Chicago coming up in two weeks, then one from SC, then I’m headed *back* to SC. January is going to be gone in a blink!
  5. Do you enjoy listening to podcasts? What’re you listening to? As always, I’m plugging away at Gilmore Guys. But now! I’ve started *watching* the podcasts. They have taped live shows and I am just so enamored with them.
  6. Before the New Year began I started going through my things, as a sort of end-of-the-year-load lightening and boy does it feel good! Plus, I’m finally getting around the decorating my room in my mom’s house to be “me” instead of “spare room” so it’s been good to take stock of what I have and want and what makes me happy.
  7. That picture up top? Taken by my friend Tom! He’s a budding photog and is doing a photo-a-day challenge for 2018. We met for coffee the other day and he told me all about it and I admired his camera bag. You can follow along here!

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