Thursday Things

  1. Got the first real snow of the season this week! Inches of the stuff! Edgar is oh-so thrilled, can’t you tell?
  2. And with that beautiful, blanketing goodness I also got my first cold of the season. Yay…
  3. I just woke up from a nap. My second of the week. I normally never nap, I’m not good at it. Can’t turn my brain off or relax enough to fall asleep. Guess colds are good for something.
  4. Introduced my mom to The Family Stone for the first time. That is one of my absolute favorite Christmas movies ever. Of all time. Forever and ever. I’m not super in the mood to watch many others, except for maybe Love, Actually? And the classics like Charlie Brown Christmas and The Grinch (animated, not live-action) and Frosty. But those are all quickies that you watch in the final days of the month to savor the season. You know?
  5. I blame The Family Stone for my attraction to dudes like Ben (Luke Wilson’s character). That floppy hair and laid back attitude…le sigh.
  6. This put a big, stupid smile on my face.
  7. A guy at work last night made the biggest batch of gingerbread dough I’ve ever seen! It was truly remarkable. And delicious! He gave me a copy of the recipe, I am honored. Apparently he is making dozens of gingerbread houses for his son’s birthday party this weekend. So sweet!
  8. It’ll be cool to do stuff like that for my nieces as they get older. For now, I’m just going to try to keep them from spitting up on my clothes. Which happened this week.
  9. I’ve got one more recipe coming your way for cookie week. Stay tuned!

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