Thursday Things

  1. Scrolling through old photos I found this one I took of some vintage pins at the flea market this summer. I’d wear any of them.
  2. I’ve been watching an abundance of movies lately. Before this last month I hadn’t been to the movie theater since July (and before that it had been the previous December!), and now I’ve been to four movies in as many weeks. The latest was Murder On The Orient Express. It was fantastic! Gorgeous cinematography and styling. I felt like I should’ve clapped at the end, it felt like watching a play! I was totally engrossed!
  3. I’m nearly done Christmas shopping. Only a little behind schedule. I’m trying to channel Leslie Knope and her thoughtfulness as she once said, “giving gifts is like a sport to me.”
  4. Naturally, that means rewatching Parks and Rec.
  5. It’s officially cold, cold here. And boy was I underestimating my preparedness for it! Morning walks with Edgar are brisk to say the least – tis the season for chapped cheeks! Extra moisturizing is essential. I’ve been flying through this lotion.
  6. When I saw Mandy last week not only did she take the cutest stinking photos of Edgar and I – but she gave me the most gorgeous watercolor paintings of vintage Christmas trees. And a mug that matches! This girl gets me.
  7. How far would you drive for a concert? I’ve done six hours before. And I’m thinking of doing it again. I believe it would be well worth it.

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