Thursday Things

  1. That’s University Hall at NU. I adore it.
  2. I’m getting better about drive-thru coffee! I’ve only gone once this week! Huzzah!
  3. Instead, I have now enjoyed sitting in a coffee shop multiple times. Is this the lesser of two evils? Yes? No? Don’t tell me…
  4. Every night after work (oh, yeah, I have a job now) I’ve taken to enjoying a peppermint Drumstick. My mom and I found them at the store a few weeks ago and snagged some boxes. They. Are. Bonkers. Every year it seems like my taste for all things peppermint and chocolate increases exponentially. This has yet to translate into enjoying white chocolate peppermint mochas, however.
  5. While eating my Drumstick I’ve been enthralled by Alias Grace, the new Netflix miniseries. It’s based on a true story of an Irish made in the 1800s who was imprisoned for 30 years on suspicion of killing her employer. The cast is superb, the period clothing is gorgeous, and the writing is absolutely brilliant. I am a sucker for historical mysteries.
  6. Not going to lie, very excited about Taylor’s new album. I’ve never considered myself a Swiftie…but I do own all her albums and know virtually every song verbatim. So…maybe I am?
  7. How is Thanksgiving only 2 weeks away?! I am so ill-prepared for the festivities. These last two weeks have been a whirlwind and I am so scattered.
  8. I found an Illume candle at Target (and can’t find a link online, drat) that’s Amber Balsam scented and it is so delicious and relaxing. I’ve started burning it every morning as part of a very welcome new routine.

2 thoughts on “Thursday Things

  1. I love your lists. So, do you make To-Do lists? I love going in and having coffee inside the cafe or wherever – there’s just something about sitting in the cafe with a hot cup of coffee and either people watch or visit with a friend. That’s truly living. Thanks for sharing the post

    • I made to-do lists, grocery lists, gift lists, etc., etc. I’m a list maker to the extreme! In part because it’s calming and in part because I love stationary!

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