Thursday Things

  1. I was visiting my mom earlier this week and made a big batch of puppy chow. Y’all know what that is right? The chocolatey, peanut buttery, powdered-sugary goodness? It’s very distinctively Midwestern. And apparently called “muddy buddies” in some parts of the country. Which is just plain wrong.
  2. This chocolate buttermilk espresso cake is what dreams (both food and photography) are made of.
  3. Speaking of dreams, I had a dream I decided to cut my own hair. I’ve been toying with the idea of getting straight across bangs for the winter but this dream/nightmare certainly settled that. I cut my hair into a super short bob and gave myself Betty bangs and it.looked.awful. I’m not cool/hip enough to pull something like that off. My friend, Bunny, is though.
  4. I had some of THE BEST Korean food ever last Friday night. It was at this sports bar near downtown La Crosse. Color me surprised when we go in looking for wings (which are award winning) and find bibimbap with all the right kind of banchan alongside! It was delicious!
  5. It also came out so piping hot that I burnt the bajeezus out of my tongue – it still hurts today.
  6. I’m three years late, but I just started listening to Gilmore Guys and I. Am. Loving. It! I got through season one in about a week with lots of laughing and nodding along in agreement with The Guys. And my love for Emily Gilmore is even stronger now. Kelly Bishop is a queen.
  7. Do y’all listen to any other podcasts that you’d recommend? I’m new to them – I listen to Unqualified and now Gilmore Guys. I used to listen to my friends’ BTVS-themed one, Meet Me At The Bronze, but, sadly, it is no more. Gimme some options!
  8. I’m learning some of these lessons rn.

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