Thursday Things

  1. I had a real life run-in with Good Samaritans earlier this week. My car decided to die in a shopping center parking lot and I spent about 45 minutes attempting to get it started. Two guys stopped to offer assistance and boy did they ever! Within five minutes they were able to assess that my battery was kaput – luckily, they had the exact size and shape battery I needed in their car, having just bought it to fix one of their own vehicles. They let me borrow it to run and get my own replacement and waited for me to return so they could switch all the batteries around again and send me on my way (but not before I bought them lunch)! It was a complete convergence of serendipity, luck, and good karma.
  2. That’s a big story for me; I wish I could tell it better.
  3. PSA for everyone – the entire series of Will & Grace is available on Hulu. You’re welcome.
  4. Also on Hulu? The final season of The Mindy Project. Last week’s episode featured a Meryl Streep costume party and seeing Mindy Kaling dressed as Julia Child made my heart sing. Two of my idols combined!
  5. Grandparents in Halloween Costumes gave my heart equal joy.
  6. So far this week I’ve made three batches of this caramel corn, which I found on Baking Bites yeeeeeeears ago. I make it every.single.fall. And never grow tired of it. However, I do always double to caramel sauce, leaving the popcorn amount the same.
  7. The temptation to listen to Christmas music is nearly over powering. Haaaaaalp me.

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