Thursday Things

  1. It happened. Finally. After years of wanting and wishing to – I went to a pumpkin patch! And an apple orchard! Last Sunday my basic-ness knew no bounds. Pumpkins were picked, corn mazes were walked, cider was bought. It was a magical day! I insta-ed all about it!
  2. We also had breakfast at The Nucleus. It was phenom! I got the Omega Scrambler – basically a deconstructed omelet with salmon, cream cheese, scallions, and avocado (told you my basic-ness was in full swing). I hadn’t had salmon in ages and I forgot how much I liked it!
  3. To cap off the best first day of October that I think I’ve ever had, there was an evening viewing of Hocus Pocus. To this day, that movie remains entertaining and heart-warming. (Granted the warming effect could have also come from the warm whiskey cider.) I will never not sing along to “I Put A Spell On You.”
  4. Last weekend I went back to my high school’s homecoming football game for the first time since I was actually in high school. Let me tell ya…it was surreal and slightly painful and a little embarrassing. I went to support my little sister who is now the head coach of the cheerleading team (Go, Squirt! Go!) and promptly left after her halftime performance. They ended up winning the game, major blowout, which is a nice change of pace from when I was a student.
  5. In keeping with the theme, I’ll also be attending NU’s homecoming game this weekend! I’m actually quite excited about it! I’m also going to celebrate my dear friend Elise’s birthday. I’m even more excited about that! Win or lose, spending the weekend with her in Chicago will be glorious. (Just another bonus of moving back home – Chicago is within driving distance now.)
  6. Edgar is going to have to start adjusting to cooler Wisconsin weather and the poor boy has no idea what he is in for. To soften the blow I got him a jacket. It’s reversible. And adorable. My aunt, who is a more dedicated dog mom than I will ever be, gave me a lead on some puppy pajamas and you better bet that my son is going to be styling come wintertime!

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