Thursday Things

  1. Suppose I should start by apologizing for being silent for (over) two weeks. It has been for good reason (and not so good reasons, too, tbh). Most notably – I started a new job! Bit crazy really – I’m the pastry chef for a local brunch/lunch place – GB&D (Golden Brown and Delicious)! It was a complete coincidence and act of serendipity how it all happened, but it’s happened and I’m working and learning and adjusting. So, please forgive me for my absence.
  2. I also spent a few days of these last two weeks in Savannah for my birthday! I took my friend Mirri and we had a ball – walking, talking, drinking coffee and antiquing. Oh joy!
  3. We visited Back In The Day Bakery every day while we were there and I got to see Cheryl and Griff again and they signed their newest book for me and I fangirled so hard and Cheryl may have a better memory than I do – she remembered where I was from and what my dad did for a living. AFTER FOUR YEARS! What a gal. (And what a run on sentence that was.)
  4. I’m typing this from my new (to me) reading nook chair! I found it yesterday whilst thrifting and I’m tickled pink about it – and not just because the chair itself is pink! And vintage! It’s perfectly stuffed, the right height, the right shape. It’s like it was made for me and my house.
  5. In addition to thrifting I went to my first yoga class in months and boy! Did I feel it! And it felt marvelous. For my head and heart and body. Being in a class environment, surrounded by other people, really changes a practice versus just doing it at home. Must remember that.
  6. I finally finished the first season of the Great British Baking Show and OMG. I’ve never enjoyed reality television more – I laughed, I loved, I learned. I swooned over the British accents!
  7. Edgar now has a harness and I swear, the second I put it on him it was like I got a new pup. I’m not complaining. Since we’re walking a lot more with the weather and my new schedule, it’s a huge relief to have a better-behaved boy. However, that did not stop him from eating his bed while I was away and had a friend dog-sitting. Not cool, man.
  8. Bought myself this. #noregrets
  9. In the next few days I’ll be making my great-grandma’s lamb cake for Easter and it’s one of my favorite treats and favorite traditions. Will you be observing any food-focused traditions this holiday weekend?

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