Thursday Things

S'mores Brownies Sneak Peek | via Midwest Nice Blog

  2. My body is still healing from Monday’s mayhem – I look and feel like I got into a bar brawl and aside from the pain and annoyance…I don’t entirely hate it? Is that crazy? Yes.
  3. The Crazy Ex-Girlfriend Season 2 soundtrack is now available on iTunes! You’re welcome.
  4. 100 Harry Potter jokes to add a little lumos to your day. (Get it?! I’m sorry…)
  5. Had a discussion yesterday regarding name brand vs. generic foodstuffs. Namely, the difference between Dean’s French Onion dip and any other imitator. They just don’t measure up. What is something you refuse to compromise on?
  6. My friend Bunny and her husband Justin started an amazing Buffy-verse podcast called Meet Me At The Bronze! Give it a listen! It’s amazing and wonderful and entertaining and combines my love for Buffy with witty banter and I’m in awe of them. Also, you should subscribe so you don’t miss anything. *hint*hint*thebrowniesabove*hint*hint*
  7. The Try Guys Try Sexy Drinks. And I’m dying.
  8. Have you ever had Tangy Zangy’s? They’re a candy I first had when I worked at a candy magazine in Chicago and I’ve only found them at one grocery store here…meaning I make special trips just to get them! Do you have anything like that? A special item you can only get at one store and you totally think it’s worth the special trip?
  9. GO ‘CATS!!! #poundtherock

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