Thursday Things

  1. Look at that snaggle-toothed grin. Whadda goober.
  2. We’re one week away from the great wedding cake bake! I’ve got a 3-tier layer cake and 200 cupcakes to put together for my dear friends David and Annie. No pressure though.
  3. I’m also working on a piece for the next issue of Edible Upcountry. I write for them. I don’t know that I’ve actually ever mentioned it on here before? Well, now I have. The more you know!
  4. I’ve been so busy prepping (and maybe panicking) that I’ve got little to no TV watching done this week so I’ve got little to nothing to discuss. I’ll attempt to catch up on New Girl, The Mindy Project and This Is Us in-between marathon baking sessions.
  5. I did make time to go to Sephora this week to replace one of my favorite lipsticks and got matched for a foundation (something I never really wear or do), and I kinda like the idea of expanding my makeup routine. Because I can damn well do what I please with my face. And that’s so empowering.
  6. It’s also empowering to go from spending time in Sephora to working out with battle ropes in my backyard. In an entirely different way. #internationalwomensday
  7. Remember Nick, the friend I made the coffee cake for? He came into work last night to visit and it was so great seeing him for the first time in a month! People following their passions – ugh. So inspiring.
  8. Guacamole from a bag/mix is maybe one of the saddest things I’ve ever tasted. It’s like a mixture of deceit and disappointment. That is all.

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