Thursday Things

Thursday Things | via Midwest Nice Blog

  1. I know I was whining about the weather earlier this week but can I just say I am LOVING it right now. I’ve been doing yard work, which is something I’ve never had to do before, but it is so rewarding and so nice to hang out outside for hours.
  2. What’s not nice is Edgar sneaking out of the gate and making me chase him 4 houses down whilst doing said yard work. Or when he eats the garbage while I’m at work. Or my reusable shopping bags because I didn’t put them up. He’s been a bit of a stinker this week. Growing pains? Sure hope so.
  3. Because I’ve been working outside so much I haven’t watched much TV this week (good for me!), but I’m trying to catch up on This Is Us and now that The Mindy Project is back I’m so invested again. The clothes, the jokes, the romance! I LOVE Mindy Kaling so much! I want her to be my friend.
  4. My sister is pregnant with twins (holy moly) and she just told me what they are (holier molier) and it feels so real now. Even though I’m sure it’s felt real to her for months but now we’re calling them names and picking out clothes and just…ugh…
  5. There’s something so fabulous about other people washing my hair. It’s one of the reasons I love getting my hair cut so much. My hairdresser is amazing and talented and so sweet, but her hairwashing definitely keeps me coming back every six weeks like clockwork. Treat yo’ self.
  6. I didn’t realize how easy it was to make my own fajita seasoning! I had everything in the cupboard waiting and whipped up a mix that tastes better than the little packets. More cost effective too.
  7. I don’t know if you all saw, but The Bake Feed regrammed a photo of my French Onion Scones on Instagram and I feel so honored. Which I realize is silly to some people but I don’t care. They’re a huge source of inspiration to me.

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