Thursday Things

Roast Chicken | via Midwest Nice Blog

  1. I got to spend Tuesday morning having coffee with my friend Erin. I haven’t seen her since we graduated college almost 3 years ago! She made a stop in town during her cross-country move. We had the best time catching up! She is such a special woman and it going to do great things.
  2. Do you have any hidden gem, hole-in-the-wall places that just knock your socks off? I found a new one! LA Hot Wings has some of the best Pad Thai I’ve found in town. Never would’ve guessed.
  3. Another new place I’m a fan of – Kitchen Sync. We double dated there on Sunday and it’s the first time in a long time that I have been really impressed with a meal. I danced in my chair, which is the most telling litmus test. The gnudi with short rib red sauce I had has inspired me to attempt a recreation. AND the boyfriend ate dessert! Which almost never happens.
  4. Beyonce is having twins! Ohmygosh. So is my sister!! Double OHMYGOSH. Maybe they’ll be best friends.
  5. In other pregnancy news – look at this doggo’s maternity photo shoot. Cuteness overload.
  6. Roasting a chicken is one of the easiest meals ever. Season it, pop it in the oven, forget about it (sometimes literally and sometimes figuratively), and then eat for the rest of the week. Pasta, soup, quesadillas, the possibilities go on and on.

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