Thursday Things

Cider Brined Pork Chop

  1. I started getting a bit of a cold this week. I felt like hot garbage. Thankfully, years ago, my dad started having me take zinc when I’d first get sick and I don’t know what black magic those little zinc melts work, but I’m a fan.
  2. That pork chop up there? Made it last weekend. I used the apple cider brine recipe from the New York Times and of course added a few things to it like Bay leaves and whole Allspice.
  3. Have you seen those previews for the new movie The Purpose of Dogs? Why would they do that?! Why?! A movie about dogs consistently dying. I’ve cried at the previews.
  4. Speaking of things that make me cry, This Is Us came back this week. Did you watch? I did. Did you cry? I did.
  5. When I was flying to and from Wisconsin I listened to Lauren Graham’s memoir, Talking As Fast As I Can, and I LOVED it. And got some good tips from it. Specifically, the Kitchen Timer method. I’m hoping it’ll improve my writing.
  6. I also listened to You Are A Badass. I found it so inspiring that I got a hardcopy of the book too, so I can reread it, annotate it, and reference as I try to, you know, be a badass.
  7. Lauren (not Graham) gets the way I feel about planners and calendars.





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