Thursday Things


1) Welcome to the inaugural Thursday Things post! A rundown of links, thoughts, and randomness I decide to spill all over you once a week. I did this on my old site and got requests for it to come back, so here it is! (Are you happy now, Alex?)

2) As I mentioned in my last post, I bought my first real Christmas tree in well over a decade and am just having a ball! I loved decorating it, I love staring at it, I love smelling it (there’s no air freshener that will ever do fresh pine justice)!

3) How do we feel about the updated Pinterest phone app? I am not a fan. Thoughts?

4) We, as humans, don’t deserve dogs. They’re too good for us.

5) GILMORE GIRLS! The revival made me feel so many things. Nostalgia, happiness, anger, longing…what a rollercoaster ride! Kelly Bishop’s performance was the best. By far. Emily Gilmore is the real heroine of that story. Did you watch? How long did it take you? I knocked it out in one day (and I’m only slightly ashamed to admit that).

6) In more TV news (you’re gonna get a lot of that on Thursdays, people.), This Is Us is one of the best shows I have watched in recent memory. Maybe, ever! The writing is so insightful, the acting is perfection. The emotions that I feel watching every single episode are so deep and so real. I’m currently 2 weeks behind but I can’t handle watching more than one episode at a time because it’s too emotionally taxing. Oofta.

7) I hope I never stop saying “oofta.”

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