Apple Pie Milkshake

I love leftovers! Love, love, love them! If the meal was good enough to have once, I’ll certainly eat it again. And again. Plus, leftovers mean I have a quick lunch the next day, or dinner on the run, or both.

So the leftover situation in my fridge and on my counters right now is my sweet spot. I’ve been eating plates of turkey, mashed potatoes, and green bean casserole as they were meant to be (covered in gravy, duh). I’m also doctoring them up a bit and making use of the extras in ways that keep me from getting bored – omelets, nachos, shakes.

Yes, shakes! Made with leftover apple pie!!! Or any pie you have laying around. Because making three pies and two cakes for Turkey Day may have been a bit ambitious.

It might seem crazy to throw a perfectly good dessert into a blender but keep an open mind. It might be just crazy enough to work. Plus, adding a little more sugar to sugar never hurts, right?

Pie Shake

(makes one serving)

1 slice leftover pie (apple, pecan, pumpkin would all be lovely)

3 scoops vanilla bean ice cream

½ cup whole milk

Throw ingredients into blender and let whir away. Garnish with extra crust or even some whipped cream.

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